photo of James L. Amick and A4 Solitair three-wheeled single-passenger vehicle taken in October, 1992

 Solitair A4

Sleek. Lightweight. Highly energy efficient. A three-wheeled solar-electric hybrid single seat commuter. The A4 Solitair was designed, engineered, and built by Douglas J. Amick and was inspired by the work of James L. Amick, P.E. (pictured), designer of the original Windmobile .


About the Solitair A4

Solitair has three wheels for less mechanical complexity, less aerodynamic drag, and less production cost compared to four-wheeled vehicles in its class. The single wheel in front and twin vertical airfoil meeting in an Amick Arch provide superior aerodynamic stability.Solitair utilizes top-quality, single crystal solar cells on the upper arch surfaces for parked-vehicle battery charging. Range is 140 miles at 55 mph. The unusual arch provides forward thrust in crosswind, reducing load on the batteries and extending range between charging. Regenerative hydraulic disc braking system also reduces demand on the batteries for increased range. The body is carbon aramid fiber composite. Two brushless DC motors power the rear wheels.